Homemade Italian Seasoning

 Never bother with buying a bottle of Italian seasoning at the grocery store again. Making a homemade Italian seasoning is so much more tasty, flavorful, and simple. 

Luckily, when making your own seasoning blends, you'll know exactly what is going into each spoonful. No hidden sugar, salt, or other mystery ingredients. Plus, it's fresher and more flavorful when mixed together at home.

Making homemade seasoning blends truly could not be any easier. Just measure herbs and spices into a small bowl, mix with a spoon, and ta-da!

What You'll Need for a Homemade Italian Seasoning Blend

- dried basil

- dried oregano

- dried parsley

- dried thyme

- dried sage, optional

- red chili flakes

- garlic powder

- fennel seed, optional

- dried rosemary


Why Make Italian Seasoning At Home?

Why not buy a store-bought blend? It's a valid question, and I understand that it might seem crazy to make for yourself what you can easily and cheaply purchase from the store. If that fits your lifestyle, go with that! Personally, I don't buy a lot of seasoning blends because I like controlling the amount of each herb or spice in particular recipes. It is also common for seasoning blends to have added ingredients that are not necessary. Sometimes excess sugar, hidden gluten, or other ingredients are added. 

There was a recipe that I needed Italian seasoning for, and I did not have it in my spice cabinet. It was a breeze to throw together these spices and *bam* Italian Seasoning! 

It is more flavorful, because you can use the freshest spices, rather than the hodgepodge found in the grocery store blends. There's no telling how long the blends or the spices used in them have been sitting for. Plus, you can tweak the blend for how your family prefers it. Don't like thyme? Skip it! Don't have fennel seed? No worries. Really love oregano? Add a touch extra.

Why are Sage and Fennel Seed Optional? 

I love the addition of these two ingredients as they add great flavor and depth. However, these two ingredients are not as common as the others in the recipe. So, if you do not have these on hand, you can still make this Italian Seasoning. It will still be delicious and so versatile.

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