How to Make the BEST Sloppy Joes

Savory, smooth, and mildly sweet - sloppy joes are one of my favorite foods from childhood. These have a bit more of a sophisticated touch, but I think even your kids would adore these, too.

 Growing up, I would always ask for this meal. Fortunately, I was not raised on the classic can of "Manwich." I think I've only had it once, and it was never my favorite. Nothing against my hardcore Manwich fans, but it's just not my thing. My mom made some of the best sloppy joes, and I still adore them to this day. She has a special touch, as all moms do. And, her's just hit different. 

However, after getting married, I can't demand all of my favorite foods from her everyyyy day. So, one night, I was really wanting some of these messy & delicious sandwiches and decided to make my own version. And, while NO ONE can beat my mom's homemade sloppy joes, these are pretty earth shattering, too. 

I wanted to be able to hide some extra veggies in the filling as well, to help me feel like I'm getting some sort of substantial nutrition. and, now - I will never turn back. The bell pepper is the perfect addition and adds such a depth to these sloppy joes. 

Even if you are not the biggest fan of bell peppers, I ask you to give this a chance! There is not an overwhelming bell pepper flavor, and this recipe is all around delicious. It might surprise you!

While it may seem more difficult than cracking open a can of Manwich, I promise that this tastes WORLDS better. I can't even explain it. There simply is no comparison. This whole meal comes together in less than 30 minutes, and is easy enough for your kids to help make it! It is also not a very expensive meal to make, and it easily doubles or triples to feed a crowd! Easy peasy!

So, I present to you - my Elevated Sloppy Joes. 


Meal Prep Idea:

I love to make a double batch of the filling mixture, eat half throughout the week, and freeze half of it for later. It freezes very well, and I love to thaw it for the easiest and fastest supper in the world. Just toast some hamburger buns & you're ready to get a meal on the table in minutes.

How to Serve Sloppy Joes:

- Sandwiched on a toasted bun on its own, or add pickles & cheese

- Atop a piece of toast and eat it open-faced

- Spoon it over a baked potato or baked sweet potato with some cheese

- Add some to your waffle fries or cheese fries - yum!

- Top your hamburger with a spoonful of this sloppy Joe mixture for some added protein

- Add it to a grilled cheese

- Wrap some up in a tortilla with toppings of your choice

- Eat it by the spoonful - I've also done this

Things You'll Need to Make the Best Sloppy Joes with Bell Peppers:

- Avocado Oil - You can also use olive oil or canola oil

- Ground beef or ground turkey

- Bell Pepper

- Onion - I like to use a sweet onion, but you can use what you have around

- Garlic

- Tomato Paste

- Ketchup

- Yellow Mustard

- Worcestershire Sauce

- Water

- Brown Sugar - for a touch of sweetness & to cut the acidity from the tomato paste

- Chili Powder, Red Pepper Flakes, Salt, and Black Pepper



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  1. I’m not a Sloppy Jo fan but my husband begs me to make them…. Definitely going to try this recipe to see if it can help bridge the gap. 😂