Blueberry Olive Oil Cookies (Gluten Free)

 Dreamy Blueberry Olive Oil Cookies studded with chunks of white chocolate and chopped pistachios are just what everyone needs in their lives. Gluten free or not, these cookies are absolutely spectacular. Everyone will be asking you for the recipe.

Blueberry Olive Oil Cookie Recipe

I know, I know. Olive oil in a  cookie might sound like a foreign and very odd concept. However, it is the most luscious and unique flavor combination. It simply works, and with this method - there is no need to have to soften any butter! (Or, forget to set it out and then race to the microwave to hopefully not fully melt it when trying to soften it for a recipe.. like I tend to do.) Simply grab your bottle of olive oil & toss the rest of the ingredients together. I promise that they are so simple, yet so divine.

You can add a variation of toppings to these cookies. Add your favorite dried fruits or chocolate chips, skip the nuts if you prefer, or add in different spices. I simply love these elements together. They just sing so harmoniously together, and I adore it. I could eat these all day long. I have a bag in my freezer for when a craving strikes. Yes, I have a very full freezer. 


What does an Olive Oil Cookie taste like?

It has a lovely robust flavor, but the olive oil adds a sweet, yet earthy nuttiness. It's so good and hard to describe. 

It adds a unique butteriness to the cookie, without using any butter. It's fantastic. The cookie is tender, yet slightly crisp around the edges. It has a lovely crinkle in the center, and it is just an all around delicious cookie. 

What Olive Oil Should I Use?

For this cookie, a fairly high quality olive oil should be used. You certainly do not want to use the cheapest stuff you can get your hands on, and you do not want to use a light olive oil. An extra virgin olive oil is pretty necessary for this cookie. 

Trust me, I can't afford a $50 bottle of olive oil for these cookies, while I wish I could. But, a nicer bottle from the grocery store is perfectly fine. Make sure to get extra virgin, and you should be good. I shop mostly at Aldi, and they have a couple great options for nicer extra virgin olive oils, too. 

You want to make sure that the flavor in the olive oil will be a smooth and high quality one that will translate well to the cookie. While you will not be tasting only olive oil in the cookie, you will be tasting notes from it. So, a dirt-cheap olive oil might not taste too good in a cookie. The olive oil pairs well with the dried fruit, the nuts, and the creaminess of the chocolate. It's rather genius. 

Don't Need Gluten Free Cookies?

Simply swap the same amount of All-Purpose Flour for the gluten free flour in the recipe, and omit the xanthan gum. And, there you have it!

How to Make Dairy Free Olive Oil Cookies:

- These cookies can easily be made dairy free! Just swap the white chocolate for either a dairy free white chocolate or a dairy free dark chocolate. Easy as that. 

- You can also swap the other inclusions (pistachios & dried blueberries) for whatever else you prefer. I do love keeping a nut and a dried fruit with a chocolate in this cookie, but you can do whatever your heart desires.

I know that Cranberry, Pecan, White Chocolate would be delicious. 

or, Cherry, Almond, and Dark Chocolate. Man, there are a million other options. However, if you're feeling something a bit simpler - just doing white chocolate with the olive oil cookie would be fantastic.

Just get creative, and Happy Baking!

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