Blueberry White Chocolate Protein Bites

Dried blueberries, bits of sweet white chocolate, chewy oats, creamy peanut butter, and packed with loads of protein, energy, and fiber - these Blueberry White Chocolate Protein Bites will become a new staple recipe. They're fabulous. 

 For years, I have loved making protein bites. Some call them energy bites, energy balls, protein balls, peanut butter bites.. the list goes on. I love making these & having them in the fridge for a snack. They are perfect for your meal preps, kids lunches, work snacks, and afternoon pick-me-ups. 

I love playing around with flavors, and this combo has become a staple. There is something about the sweet and saltiness from the peanut butter, the slight tartness from the dried blueberries, the chew from the oats, and the pop of sweetness from the white chocolate chips. It is so well rounded, and I adore how they taste.


Sometimes, if I am in a huge rush, I will just grab 3-4 of these and eat them for lunch on my way out the door. They are truly packed with protein, fiber, and healthier carbs and keep me feeling full and satiated for a good while. They are a lifesaver. Maybe I should call them "lifesaver bites." Anyone? No?! Okay. 

With protein bites, there are so many fun things to do with the flavors. If you're feeling bored of your current protein bite - try this one! 


What You'll Need to Make Protein Bites:

- Oats : I use Gluten Free Rolled Oats. Use Rolled Oats, over quick cook oats, if you have the ability to. It adds to the texture and rolled oats typically have slightly more nutrients and fiber than quick cook oats would.

- Flax Meal or Ground Flax Seeds

- Oat Flour : If you don't have this, you can just use more flax meal in it's place. I just prefer having the variety of texture and fiber sources. But, use what you have! Oat flour is also very easy to make. Throw some oats in a blender and blend until they're powder. Done!

- Nut Butter : I prefer Natural Peanut Butter, but I also love using Almond Butter - just almonds and salt. If you are allergic to nuts, you could try a Sunflower butter or whatever you like. 

- Honey : Maple Syrup works great if you want to make these vegan.

- Vanilla ... duh. 

- Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, & Salt : I just love adding extra flavor wherever I can, plus warm spices also bring along some great health benefits.

- Shredded Toasted Coconut : I know it seems so much easier to skip the toasting step for the coconut, but I promise that it enhances the flavor one-hundred fold. It's phenomenal. Just  give it a try. It adds so much flavor through one simple step.

- Dried Blueberries

- White Chocolate Chips : You can use white chocolate chips or chop up a bar of white chocolate.

And, you can toss in whatever else you love! I know many people love to add in Chia Seeds for their protein... but, I hate Chia Seeds. So, I don't use 'em. Haha!

These protein bites are so easy and are such a great activity to do with your kids. It would be perfect to create the base dough and then let each kiddo flavor their own in whatever way they choose. Let them have some fun and creative freedom. Who knows? They might end up with a pretty stellar idea. 

For another fun idea, you can also make a double or triple batch of these in several different flavors (example: make a double batch and split into two before adding your chosen flavor additions to each batch) and freeze them for throughout the upcoming weeks. Add them to a ziplock bag or airtight container and freeze for up to 3-4 months.

How to Serve Protein Bites:

- As a Snack

- For Breakfast

- With or For Lunch

- For Kids Sports Games or Teams (just check for nut allergies first, or use sunflower butter)

- After School Snacks

- Birthday Parties

- Bridal or Baby Showers

and for absolutely .. every day life. I eat them on the daily. At work, at home, in the car, and for when I'm craving something sweet. They're delish & packed with nutrients.


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  1. These look delicious and healthy. I am going to try these soon!

  2. When I saw these I knew they were a must try. Our family already loves the chocolate chip version of these so when I saw an opportunity to add in some fruit I was intrigued. I made these within the week and they were a hit! Always awesome to have ways to switch it up and Hannah’s idea was, of course, delish. I also will be adding the warm spices to all versions of this from now on. Wow did they add soo much dimension!

  3. I made these protein bites and they are so good! Can’t wait to try it with different fruits! Today I used dried cranberries and white chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing Hannah!