Dreamy Fall Wedding | Perry & Bethany Brooks


October 3, 2020 was the most dreamy day. I witnessed two sweet friends, Bethany and Perry, get married and begin their life together. Weddings will forever be magical to me.

It was a stunning and gorgeous day. I seriously do not think the weather could have been more perfect. It was just truly such a happy day of celebrating. 

I was truly honored to be a part of something so beautiful and sacred, and I don’t think this privilege will ever grow old. 

In Coats, North Carolina, we celebrated big in a very meaningful place to both bride and groom, ate delicious food, danced our hearts out, cried a bunch of happy tears, and finished with a variety of cake flavors. Let’s take a peek at this beautiful day. 

So thankful for the opportunity to be involved. Thank you, Bethany and Perry, for your trust, excitement, and love. I love you both, dearly.

With love & buttercream, 

Hannah Catherine 


  • All Photos Taken By Me