The Best Strawberry Chili Jam

Fresh, sweet, tart, with the perfect amount of kick. The Best Strawberry Chili Jam is made with a handful of ingredients and is so easy to whip up. It goes well with so many things, and this recipe will quickly become a staple.

I am a very passionate lover of jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, and the whole sort. This jam has to be in my top five of all time. 

I first discovered a jam like this at Disney World last year. It was served to me as a sauce to dip my beloved gluten free churros in, along with vanilla bean creme anglaise. It was utter perfection. I loved the sweet, crunch, tang, spice, creaminess, and cinnamon-y heaven. So good.

I kept ordering more and more, and my family sighed as we saw the total on the bill. However, it was so worth it. I wish I had a basket of those churros right now as I sit here and write.

From the moment I got home from our Disney trip, I knew I had to figure out how to recreate that jam. and, when I got the chance to make a Churro inspired cake for Episode 5 of Halloween Wars on Food Network, I knew that the perfect and only filling that seemed right was... THIS !! Strawberry Chili Jam ! SO GOOD. The judges loved it and its uniqueness. 

Aarti Sequeria, one of our judges on the show (her and I pictured below) was obsessed with this jam. My life is complete. I will carry that with me for the rest of my life.

Ways to Use Spicy Strawberry Jam:

This jam is perfect on toast, a biscuit, scone, in or on a cupcake, charcuterie board, or even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The jam is that good. I promise that you need this in your life. Give it a taste.

It has become a staple for my family, and I usually have a jar in my refrigerator at all times. I especially love it on a cracker with goat cheese - it's the perfect balance of sweet, creamy, savory, and tangy. It's highly addictive.

It is also a huge hit when given as a gift. I gave out little jars for Christmas last year, and everyone raved about it. It was the best thing. People came up with the most unique ways to use it. Thumbprint cookies, pancakes, etc. It was a hit, and I think I might do it again this year. Who knows?!


Ingredients You'll Need:

Strawberries: Either fresh or frozen strawberries work. I have done it with both, but I definitely prefer fresh for the extra flavor it adds. 

JalapeƱo: This pepper adds great flavor to the jam without loads of heat. I always take the seeds out of the pepper before dicing it up finely.

Sugar: The sugar not only sweetens up the jam, but it helps to slightly thicken the jam as well as it cooks down.

- Lemon: Pretty much every jam needs a little touch of brightness. A bit of lemon juice and zest helps to lighten up the jam and give it just what it needs.

- Red Chili Flakes: This second touch of flavor and spice helps to round out the flavor and add the slightest smokiness. It completes it. Just a pinch!

- Salt: Salt is needed in every single thing! It helps bring all the flavors out in this beautiful jam. 

I promise that even if this jam sounds a bit strange to you, once you give it a try - you'll fall in love with it. You can add more or less spice depending on you and your family's preference. Make it your own!

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