Cookies and Cream Drip Cake

I love having fun with cakes. and, I love cookies and cream. So, smashing those two things together made for a delicious and pretty cake. 

A friend asked for a cookies and cream cake for their birthday, and this is what I came up with. 

I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe and made a simple cookies and cream buttercream. I topped it with a luxurious chocolate ganache. It's pretty phenomenal. This can be easily made gluten free, now that Oreo finally has started selling gluten free Oreos. I am one happy girl!

How to make Cookies & Cream Buttercream:

1. Make a classic vanilla buttercream.

2. Blend Oreos (I used gluten free) in a blender or food processor until they are a very fine crumb. 

For piping this icing, you can't have any cookie chunks in the icing. It doesn't work.. ask me how I know. 

3. Add cookie crumbs to the vanilla buttercream until you have reached the color and look you want. I like to add quite a bit. I like my buttercream to be pretty heavy on the cookie. 

4. Ice your cake & be sure to lick the spoon. It's the best part. 

You could totally use a vanilla cake for this, but I love using the chocolate cake - to mimic the Oreo cookie. I also added some crushed up cookies in between each layer, with the buttercream. I love crunch in my cakes!

What You Need:

- Cake Layers (chocolate or vanilla, and can be either homemade or from a box mix)

- Cookies and Cream Buttercream

- Crushed Oreos

- Chocolate Ganache

Layer it all up & enjoy a slice of this childhood memory-filled cake. 

Stay Sweet,

Hannah Catherine

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